Get your 🌱- based Kuleana Tuna prepared at Blue Sushi Sake Grill (midwest & down south), Poké-Poké (Austin, TX), Poké Bar (L.A.), or Erewhon Markets (west coast only)! Or create your homemade Kuleana Tuna dinner and get it through GTFO (nationwide)! X

A taste of the ocean in every bite.

The plant-based future of seafood is now.

Dive In
Poke made with Kuleana's Akami 100% plant based tuna
Maki made with Kuleana's Akami 100% plant based tuna
We're Kuleana, a next-generation seafood company focused on:
  • Providing delicious plant-based seafood alternatives, and
  • Honoring our namesake "Kuleana", the Hawaiian word for taking responsibility for balancing what we give and take from the earth.

How Do We Do It?

Science, my dear!

Our team of biotechnology and culinary experts have created plant-based seafood that is shockingly tasty, nutrient-rich, and made entirely from plants.


Chef Tested.

“I was amazed the first time I tasted Kuleana “tuna.” In the right applications it’s a remarkable substitute that matches some of the major qualities of the original. Kuleana opens up a lot of possibilities in the world of plant based seafood.”

Chef John-Paul Carmona, Routier

"What kuleana and team are developing is commendable. Delivering a quality of product which is not only delicious but versatile also in many applications."

Daniel Calvert, Four Seasons

Ocean Approved.

“Two fins up.”

Bluefin Tuna, merrily swimming in the Pacific Ocean

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